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These are current screenshots taken after December 1999. Gaze in their small thumbnail glory, or click on the image for a closer look.

Click to Enlarge! - 51K 800x600
Is that just a trash bag on the corner, or a secret agent merely disguised as one? Only time will tell.

800x600 - 51K
Click to Enlarge! - 82K 800x600
Do you see that?! To the right! The trash bag has not only moved but now there are two of them. Hmm...

800x600 - 82K
Click to Enlarge! - 82K 800x600
It's a good thing I shot up that dangerous looking chair. Now time to sit down and relax on the comfy looking guy with the gun.

800x600 - 82K
Click to Enlarge! - 63K 800x600
A little more to the right and it's bad dude flambι!

800x600 - 63K
Click to Enlarge! - 49K 800x600
Now if this shot was any more exciting I'd quit my day job.

800x600 - 49K

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