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Deus Ex Walkthrough (1 of 2)
by Chuck "Absynthe" Simciak

Table of Contents

Mission #1 - Mission #2 - Mission #3
Mission #4 - Mission #5 - Mission #6
Missions #7-#13

For pictures, weapon stats, a strategy guide, and more check out my site
Denton's Databank


Primary Objectives:

  • The NSF seem to be directing the attack from the statue. Get inside and locate the threat.

Secondary Objectives:

  • Meet UNATCO informant Harley Filben at the North Docks. He has a key to the Statue doors.
  • One of UNATCO's top agents is being held inside the Statue. Break him out, and he'll back you up against the NSF.

Welcome, agent Denton. Did you find the secret room in training? Lets begin. Talk with Paul, pick your weapon of choice and get your objectives. From where you start move forward and look to the right for some boxes. Get the crowbar and start bashing boxes. Now turn north and climb down the stairs into the ocean. Nearby are two more crates to smash. Climb back up and follow the dock to where it meets Liberty Island. Just before you go up the ramp look to the left for three more crates. Go up the ramp and prepare to deal with a patrolling guard or two. Search all bodies. On your left are some metal crates. Use the small one as a step to climb up and smash open the wooden one. Return to the ground and move east. Grab one of the two crates of TNT on your right then return. Approach the crate stack we climbed earlier and find the green labeled part on the east side of the bottom crate. Gently crouch and drop the TNT crate in front of the green label. Stand back and shoot the TNT. Inside the opened crate are some medical bots. Remember this place for healing and avoid using the medkits. Save those for later.

Continue north taking down guards by whatever methods you wish. When the path splits head west then north into the entrance of UNATCO HQ. Talk with the guard at the gate. Depending on what response you give he may tell you the code for the satcom bunker located northwest of the HQ entrance. If not, there are datacubes all over HQ that have the code. Buy some ammo from the guard, if needed, then resume your journey north. The scope he offers is not very useful unless you have some serious weapon skills or the patience to wait for the view bobbing to swing across your target. As you approach the main entrance to the statue you will be warned of a security bot that patrols the area. Before you do anything take time to look for a crate on your right. Grab the items and read the datacube it contains the password needed to login into the security terminal. Continue north and note the patrolling bot, probably on your right, and the NSF guard on your left. Head back to the South Docks, and grab that other crate of TNT by the lamp. Return to the area before the main entrance and place the crate against the wall near the patrol path of the bot. Check the screenshot below for precise placement.

With the bot destroyed move north and turn left at the wall followed by quick rights into a darkened area. The reason I asked for the precise placement of the TNT crate was to use the explosion to destroy the lid of the chest hidden here. Use your light (press F12) if you have problems seeing it. Continue north but beware the NSF terrorist patrolling the grassy area on your right at the base of the statue. He packs a punch but if you subdue him you can grab a sniper rifle and tech goggles from his body. When you reach the north wall head east until you find the entrance to the North Docks. Two guards to deal with here.

The northwest corner of the dock has a shack and a shabby looking guy at the entrance. This is your contact. Talk with him and the women inside. Try a dive off the south end of the dock. You'll need to crouch under the guard railling. Down below is sunken barge with goodies. Either lockpick the hatch or throw some explosives on it. Inside are some great items. Head south up the ramp then turn left. Look for a stack of metal boxes on the right and an opening straight ahead. Sneak down find a way past the electrical beams. Its worth it. Return to the South Docks then backtrace your steps to the main entrance for the statue. Hug the north wall as you approach the doors to avoid detection by the cameras. Use the security terminal to disable all cameras and unlock the doors. You can choose to reprogram the turrets provided you don't mind the mess. Open the doors and study the layout of the torch room. One guard patrols this floor and another handles the balcony above and to your left. Deal with both guards.

From the entrance on your left is a doorway covered by security beams. In front of it is a table with goods and a datacube. Beyond the beams Agent Gunther is being held. Instead of crossing the beams move past the entrance to the northeast corner of the room. Turn the headlight on and look for a metal grate. Open it and crawl in until you reach an open area. Crouch into the next duct. At the end is a room with a datacube containing a bank account number and pin. Return to the torch room. There are probably more ways to rescue Gunther than I can think of, presented here is but one way. Place the gas grenade acquired earlier on the north end of the desk near the datacube. See the screenshot below for details.

Now for the fun part. Either shoot a guard or trigger an alarm then pull back behind a pillar or the desk. As the guards pile out they set off the grenade stopping them in their tracks. Take them down using your pistol or the mini-crossbow. With all guards disposed enter the secured area, ignore the alarms. No one is doing to hear them. When you enter the next room move immediately to the right to avoid damage from the turret. Login to the nearby security terminal to shut down the camera, and unlock the door leading to Gunther. Talk with Gunther. The choice you make in the conversation affects how friendly Gunther will be to you later on. If you do give him your pistol don't worry, there are more to be found and later something better will be given to you.

Head back to the torch room and over to the ATM machine in the southeast corner. Use the ATM account you learned earlier to withdraw 200 credits from the machine. Turn around and head east up the stairs. If you want more ammo sacking the guards outside could help provided you don't use more than you pickup. Otherwise, keep going up the stairs. If you carefully approach the two guards you'll have the opportunity to overhear their conversation. These guards can be disposed or skipped altogether but definitely take time to explore the other three exits out of the statue. Each one has a gas grenade set in proximity mode. Scoop them up like you did in training before heading up the next staircase. You'll receive a skill bonus just as you reach the last two remaining guards. Continue going up. When you reach the terrorist commander talk with him. Killing him is probably a bad idea. Grab the glowing blue canister before you leave, those nano augmentations can be handy.

Primary Objective:

  • Report to headquarters on the west side of the island for a debriefing.

Return to UNATCO HQ and talk with Paul near the entrance then enter HQ.

Primary Objective:

  • Report to Manderley's office on Level 2.

Quite a few fun things to play with at headquarters. When you first enter it there is a guard at a desk. Grab some snacks. Continue on to level 1. On level there are two offices at opposite ends of a hall. Leave them be and proceed to level 2. Head to the east end of the hallway and turn left, this will give you a secondary objective that otherwise wouldn't appear if you reported to Manderley right away.

Secondary Objective:

  • Go to the break room on Level 2 and check in with your partner, Agent Anna Navarre.

In the conference room is a locked case. If you're using the mini-crossbow lockpicking the case is worth it. The break room is found by exiting out the east door then turning left. If you gave the gun to Agent Gunther Hermann earlier he will be very supportive of you during this conversation. While in the breakroom take time to read up on current events at the public access terminal. Hackers might want to play with the ATM for additional funds. Leave the breakroom and return to the Level 2 hallway. Find Manderley's office and chat with the secretary. Grab the nano key from her desk, read the datacube containing Manderley's ID and password, then go in to see Manderley. In Manderley's office you'll be awarded skill points, a pat on the back, and more objectives.

Secondary Objectives:

  • See Sam Carter for equipment.
  • See Jaime Reyes for a medical exam.

Leave Manderley's office. In the hallway for Level 2 there are two locked closets. The nano key you grabbed from the secretary's desk will open them. One contains a locked grate. Picking it open will give you a bioelectric cell and a multitool. Move on to the west end of the hallway and down the stairs to Level 3. Move north down the hall then make a left followed by another into Agent Navarre's and Hermann's office. Grab the goods. To the rear are the prison cells and a baton if you missed out on one earlier.

Leave the office and head directly across to see Sam Carter. Chat with him to get the stealth pistol plus your choice of item. Exit heading east then turn left and then left again into the UNATCO Computer Ops. Find Alex Jacobsen and have a chat. Grab some junk food laying around, we'll use some of it later in the next mission. If you have hacking skills hack some of the terminals. Use Alex's account to get a list of passwords and logins for every person in the system. Another email in Alex's account will supply the combination for the closet in computer ops. If you don't have hacking skills read the datacube atop one of the desks to get Gunther Hermann's ID and password. Opening the secret floor compartments in this room and use the nano key to access the offices on level 1.

Leave computer ops and head straight across into medical. If you still have wounds heal them with the medical bot. In addition, the bot can also install nano augmentations. Use it now to install the canister you picked up in the statue. Look around and find Jaime Reyes. Chat awhile, also grab the nano key from the bookshelf. Its "cleverly" hidden behind a plant. Use it to open the nearby storage closet containing a crate with a medkit. If you want some throwing knives search the dead NSF guy. He won't mind.

Primary Objective:

  • Go back to Manderley's office on Level 2 for the mission briefing.

Easy enough. Back to Level 2 and talk with Manderley and company.

Primary Objective:

  • Go to the South Dock and take the police boat to Manhatten.

Before you take off press F1 and click the Skills button. By this time you'll have earned enough skill points to upgrade something. Once you're happy with your choices check your inventory for munchies. You'll want one or two food items, they are helpful in the next mission. Now head to the South Dock and take the police boat by highlighting it and pressing the use button.


Secondary Objectives:

  • Locate the stolen barrel of Ambrosia in Castle Clinton.

You'd think something as important as Ambrosia would be considered a primary objective, but hey, I don't to write these assignments. Talk with Agent Navarre to get some info then find the kid walking nearby. Take a dive underneath the police boat. Look east and you should see two crates. Climb back up onto the dock. I hope you held onto some food from the last mission, its the only bribe this kid will understand. Turn around and look to the right of the soda machine to find the locked panel. You can either pick it open and use the code the kid gave you, or just sod it and throw a LAM at the soda machine. If you can't make it work either way consider attacking the Castle head on form the main entrance. You'll want to open the locked chest in the middle of the castle to get the hatch code and some other stuff if you take this route.

If you did get access to the passage, head in to the small workroom in the back. Grab the goods. Return to the entrance and walk down the stairs. Several guards patrol this area. As you leave the stairs turn right and duck under the security camera. Stay crouched as you move. Grab the prod charger then turn right, open the grate and crawl in. Climb down the ladder and crawl to the north end of the passage. Open the grate at the end and wait for the guard. Be prudent with this one, he packs a flamethrower. With flamehead secured, head north to the next room. To your left is a passage patrolled by one alarm happy guard. Nail him and head down the passage. Mind that you don't set off the camera on your right. When you reach the base of the stairs turn left and claim the Ambrosia. Head back and go up the stairs. Turn left and left again. Blow the door open and find some goodies inside, including a shattered safe containing an augmentation canister. Now that your objective is completed, backtrace your steps to the dock where you started.

Secondary Objective:

  • Report to Agent Navarre to receive your orders.

When you're back at the dock head east, then turn north to move between the large walls, past the eagle, then turn left heading west to run into Agent Navarre.

Primary Objective:

  • Free the hostages in the Battery Park subway station, east of Castle Clinton.

Finding the subway is simple enough. Spin around and head east towards the gunfire. I'd suggest standing back and letting UNATCO's finest handle the situation. Afterward, search the bodies.Surrounding the entrance to the Battery Park subway is a shanty town consisting of six shacks. Explore them all for good things. In addition there are crates strewn about containing goodies, and a prod charger sitting next to the subway entrance. I'd recommend not wasting any lockpicks or LAMs on the locked crates, after you rescue the hostages in the subway, you'll have access to several crates of TNT.

To complete your primary objective you'll need to immobilize all the terrorists in the subway station or get the hostages onto a waiting subway train. You can either take the frontal assault by marching down the subway entrance, or use the duct entrance found in the small maintenance shed to the left of the entrance. The ducts connect to grates both at floor level and in the ceiling of the subway station. This makes it easier for just dealing with a few of the terrorists then getting the hostages onto the subway to complete the objective. If you need to get past the blue security beams throw an EMP grenade at them to temporarily disable them.

Primary Objective:

  • Report to Paul in Hell's Kitchen

Press the button on the side of the subway to enter it when you are finished.

Primary Objectives:

  • Report to Paul In Hell's Kitchen.

Hell's Kitchen is quite involved, consisting of several sections and subquests. I didn't feel fulfilled until I finished them all so don't feel that you have to do everything I describe in this walkthrough. In fact, consider the Free Clinic, Smuggler, and MJ12 parts to be optional. Start by exploring the subway station. Climb the stairs to leave, Paul will almost slam into as he runs down them. After chatting with Paul finish your climb and consider your new objectives.

Primary Objectives:

  • Find the NSF's secret generator. Paul's team will raid the warehouse when the generator is destroyed and the EMP field goes down.

Secondary Objectives:

  • Talk to the locals in the bar or the clinic for clues to the location of the generator.
  • Investigate the hostage situation in the 'Ton Hotel, at the southeast corner of the block. Rescue the Rentons, if they are still inside.

Get a good look at the subway entrance, I'm going to be using this as a reference point for the rest of this walkthrough. From the entrance turn right and move east. Go behind the wooden wall to the basketball court. Subdue the two thugs and talk with the bum for information. If you head north down the alley there is an area with two cargo containers. One contains a prod charger while the other is one of two ways to reach Smuggler, more on him later. Return to the subway station entrance and proceed west. Before you reach the police barricade you'll see the Underworld Tavern on your left. Enter. Talk with everyone here. Be nice. A chat with the women in the nice top gives you a new goal.

Secondary Goal:

  • A man named Johnny took a woman into an alley west of the Underworld Bar. Investigate the situation.

Leave the bar the way you came in. Once outside turn left, left again then right into an alley. Listen to the conversation between Johnny and his employee. You can either take Johnny down before he finishes or talk with him forcefully to scare him off. Talk with Sandra Renton TWICE. This will give you the password for the other approach to meeting Smuggler. Head north then turn right to return to the subway station entrance. Proceed south and talk with the UNATCO officers on the right. Continue south until the gunfire starts. You might want to lend a hand. When the firefight has ended, search all of the bodies.

Head to the 'Ton Hotel. If you are in the location of the shoot-out, head east then turn left and left again. If the guard survived the fireight he'll be standing here to brief you on the hostage situation inside the hotel. Enter. As you enter switch to walk mode. Upon reaching the lobby turn left and talk with the manager. He seems a little nervous. To his left in a corner is one of three NSF terrorists. There are two upstairs holding hostages. Wound the NSF on the ground floor with a tranquilizer dart. When he starts to get woozy he'll make a run for the second floor causing the guards up there to run down to you. This is a good thing as they will be shooting you instead of the hostages. You can also try using the fire escape outside the 'Ton to enter Paul's place or from the lobby use the elevator shaft to reach the NSF on the second floor. Take the remaining NSF down then enter the office area where the manager is. Talk with him then grab the 50 credit chit on the table and the nano key in the mailboxes behind it.

Move up to the second floor and talk with both hostages. Move to the end of the hall where the male hostage was located and open the last door on your left using your key ring. Go back into the bedroom and grab the zyme vials, they'll come in handy later. The locked closet door contains a medkit and bioelectric cell. Leave the room and read the datacube behind the plant in the small balcony area overlooking the lobby. Check the screenshot below to get a better idea of where it is. The datacube will supply you a bank account and pin for later use. Move to the other end of the hall and use your key ring to open the door to Paul's place. Its the one with the newspaper in front of it. Head back to his bedroom and get a 350 credit chit from under the nightstand. Check the bathroom for a medkit. Read the datacube on the table. Pull back the picture and enter the code to access Paul's stash of goodies. (If you can't figure out the code, highlight the area between these quotes "4321".) Leave Paul's room and turn right. Search the elevator shaft for items. Leave the hotel but don't forget to use the bank code you got on the ATM.

As you leave the hotel chat with the guard if he's there then turn right, then right again. Move past the bodies from the shoot-out to reach the Free Clinic on your right. The phone booth across from the steps has a prod charger. Enter the Free Clinic. Inside, listen to the two bums in the entrance hall for some interesting tidbits. Proceed to the main lobby area and talk with everyone. Do not buy anything from the doctors here, there is a better way. Look around then smash the glass and get access to the medbots for free. Leave the clinic.

Get back to the subway entrance, from the clinic its a right then left, past the bodies, then left again. Before you reach it you'll pass a wrecked car under a tall street lamp. Turn right as you pass it and go down the steps. Push the intercom button then enter. Before taking the lift down look around. Its time to chat with Smuggler. Security beams block access to the next area. To the left of the beams is a guard shack with a multitool and an electric panel that if fiddled with will shut down the security beams. Keep going until you reach Smuggler. Talk with him but I don't recommend buying anything until we find his friend.

Secondary Objective:

  • Rescue Smuggler's friend Ford Schick from a secret laboratory in the sewers. The sewers are accessed by the grates in the street.

Hackers will find some interesting tidbits in Smuggler's computer, including an email in French. I don't understand French but if you look at the two numbers given they are clearly a bank account and pin number. Before leaving Smuggler head upstairs to grab some goodies. The keypad behind the bed opens a secret area behind the mirror. You could hack it or repeatedly shoot/smash the mirror until it shattered. (The code for the keypad is 432.) Return to the street level using the lift. Head west, make a left at the wrecked car. Keep going and turn right to crawl through the opening in the wooden fence. This was where you spoke with the two guards earlier. Move ahead past the ladder until you reach the manhole. Use your key ring to open it and dive in.

There are three guards to deal with. Thankfully, these are the only ones to deal with in this area even if they become alerted to your presence. After disposing of them all enter the office at the end of the bridge. Read the datacube under the table. Leave the room and turn right. Follow the wall to a security terminal. Login and disable all security cameras, then rotate the bridge. For those who just gotta have it all, I'll point out that where pipes that pour "water", atop one is a bioelectric cell, and further down is another with a weaponmod: accuracy.

If you have some multitools this is worth doing. From the security terminal climb down the ladder and access the security terminal behind the crate. Use it to open the door. As you continue just crouch to avoid all the security beams until you reach the end. Use a multitool to override the keypad and enter the next area of the sewer. Slosh north and climb the ladder. Don't worry about breaking the beam, the turret will not find you in time to do any damage. In this little hideaway are two bodies and a lot of stuff. Return to the bridge then cross it.

Climb down the ladder on the other side. Only one guard to deal with, then proceed past the door down the passage to the next area. There is one guard on duty behind the keypad locked door. Despite the door he may become alerted to your presence. Once you have gotten past the door crouch to the other end of the platform to access a security terminal. Shutdown all remaining cameras. Examine every room in this area. Only two guards ever patrol the main part, while two more are in a barracks of sorts to your right. When they have been subdued examine everything. Talk with Ford Schick but before you leave use a multitool or two to open the one keypad locked room. Inside you will find militia paradise. With everything secure, free Ford Schick then return to the surface. Talk with Smuggler again, buy anything you like then head back to the subway entrance.

From the subway entrance, head west to the big shoot-out area. This time, enter the building labeled Osgood & Sons Warehouse. If the door is not open, fire some shots under the partially open loading door. A member of the NSF hospitality team will arrive shortly to greet you. If that doesn't work, look around the side for a bay window that you can smash to enter. Inside Osgood are two doors. The one locked with a keypad contains the all important augmentation upgrade canister. Exit out the other door. Alternately, from the bay window you can climb in and go downstairs. Get past the security beams and you will have access to an elevator leading to the warehouse district. If you talked with everyone in the bar you should have a code for the door. Also of interest are some rockets hiding behind the pipes near the elevator entrance. Oh, did I mention that you can also get to the elevator by pushing aside some large crates at the back of Osgoods?

Grab the small metal crate to step atop the stack and walk the plank to the opposite side of the fence. Disable the LAM and climb the ladder. Turn left and carefully climb down the ladder to the fire escape. Smash the window and climb in. Knock the wooden beams off the door and enter. Go back out to the fire escape and work your way down until you land on a rooftop. One guard patrols the part of the roof to the north. Move to the west end and climb the ladder. Don't rush or you'll be caught by the guard patrolling the area on your left near the top. Educate him, then head to the north end of the roof. Below and to your left is a roof patrolled by another fun loving NSF. Best to knock him out, then cross north to the next roof using the billboard. Take down the next rooftop desperado and continue north to the stainedglass ceiling. Break it and hop down. Explore. Smash the window on the west side of the building and climb atop the crates to get out onto the fire escape. Climb to the bottom of the fire escape, drop onto a roof. Hop to the roof north of here, then move west up the ladder to the NSF generator building. Keep looking to the left for the guard that patrols this roof and deal with him.

Move to the north end of the roof and climb down the side. Turn left and climb down again. Open the door by the ladder, lockpicking works best. Be cautious as you enter the room, two guards cover this floor and will stop in front of the windows of this office while on patrol. Access the computer and use it to shutdown the generator. If you don't have the login or hacking skills, shooting the explosive barrels and crates on the floor below will get the job done too. Return to the roof and chat with Gunther. If you still want to explore the warehouse before leaving I'd suggest tripping the alarms and making noise. Then, run back to Gunther and let him take care of things. In a computer room below the generator containing an augmentation canister in the safe. This is the Run Silent/Run Fast aug and definitely worth getting. Find it by reaching the ground floor and taking one of the ramps into the basement. If you see green toxic gas, the canister is in the office just west of it. Leave on board the helicopter.

Primary Objectives:

  • Report to Manderley.

Ah, HQ. Time to relax and score some easy swag. Once again visit the SATCOM bunker west of the helicopter pad. Proceed into HQ. Try to chat it up with the creepy weirdos then head on in to level 1. Visit both offices on level 1. Go to level 2 and enter your office on the east end. Read your email. Exit and turn right to enter the conference room. The locked cabinet contains a weaponmod: recoil. Head for the break room to read up at the public access terminal and hack the ATM for some funds. Leave and enter the reception area for Manderley's office. While you wait move up to Manderley's office door to listen in on the meeting. As the government official leaves try talking with him. Enter Manderley's office.

Primary Objectives:

  • Locate the airfield where the NSF has moved the Ambrosia. Investigate the subway system because the terrorists may be hiding underground.

Secondary Objectives:

  • Report to Sam Carter to receive your equipment.
It doesn't look good but before you leave grab both of the nano keys. Use your key ring to open the locked hall closet for level two. Proceed to level three. Look to your left for someone to chat with. Visit all the places you saw the first time you were at HQ. In Navarre/Hermann's office you might consider heading back to see the prisoners even though you were warned not to. See Sam Carter. Medical will give you the opportunity to heal everything. Chat with Jaimie. Use your key ring to open the closet, inside you'll find two medkits. Check Computer Ops though its slim pickings. However, the secret comparts offer some nice things. Climbing out of the secret compartment is a bit difficult. Thankfully there are some "invisible ladders" around the edges of the compartment opening. Just jump and move in the direction of an edge. You'll have to tip your nose to the ceiling to clear the lip of the compartment edge. With everything secured, leave HQ and use the helicopter to return to Battery Park.


Primary Objectives:

  • Locate the airfield where the NSF has moved the Ambrosia. Investigate the subway system because the terrorists may be hiding underground.

Didn't we just leave here? Not much to do but head east to the shanty town. Check all the buildings for goodies. Talk with the man in the middle of shanty town to purchase ammo then find the man and women standing around the burning barrel inside one of the shacks. Speak with the man, Curly, to get the access code.

Secondary Objectives:

  • Talk to Charlie in the Brooklyn Bridge Station for information about the mole people.

If you didn't get the password he wants back in Hell's Kitchen you have your choice of either lockpicking the locked chest in one of the nearby shacks, paying Harry Filben for it down below in the subway station, or using some multitool(s) to bypass the keypad. Code in hand go to the subway station and enter the phone booth on your left. Press in the code and its off to Brooklyn Bridge Station. After you climb out of the manhole proceed to the northwest end of the station. Enter the men's room and talk with Lenny. Hand him a zyme vial to get the LAM. If you don't have one talk with Rook to purchase one, he's located in the southeast corner of the station. From the men's room, turn right and head due east. When you see the mole person talk with him to learn of the water problem.

Secondary Objectives:

  • Open a fresh water supply for the homeless in Brooklyn Bridge Station. The valve is in a utility room at the north end of the train tracks that has been blocked by a cave-in. Clear the cave-in with LAMs, find the valve, turn on the water, and report back to Charlie Fann. The Rooks might have LAMs.

You already have a LAM though if you wanted to play out the Rooks mini-quest head upstairs and talk to El Ray. Move north and use a LAM to clear debris behind the door then head on in. You need to get past or around the steam coming from the pipe. To get around the steam walk up the nearby pipe to drop into the bigger one. Lockpick the grate at the end to open it. Turn left and find the valves. Spin both then return to Charlie Fann to talk with him. Don't leave the station just yet, head south past him then turn left and go upstairs. Look for goods, there a few items to be found in booths and behind boxes.

Find the nearest stairs and go down. Proceed to the northwest corner of the station and enter the women's restroom. Look under the sink for the keypad and enter the code. Enter the last stall to exit. Climb down the ladder and head north. One NSF patrols here, take him down quietly so he nor his friends trigger the alarm. Move northwest to find two more guards. If you crouch and walk north while hugging the east wall you can overhear their conversation. Deal with them and continue north. On your left one more guard patrols between here and the bathrooms towards the back. Now proceed south along the tunnel you'll encounter two guards on your left followed by two more on your right. When the area is secure look everywhere for crates, goodies, and talk with everyone you can find. Some of the molepeople probably fled when the shooting started, they tend to roost in a dark area near a cave-in on the north end of the tunnel. Others will hide in the restrooms towards the northwest. Alternate approach: Instead of engaging in a fire fight with all the NSFs sneak past them and find the NSF commander. When he surrenders all the NSF in the area will stand down. Keep reading for details.

When you speak with Kevin Bradly he'll fill you in on the history of the place and mention a secret room where the NSF commander hides. Head to the south end of the tunnel and take the last ramp on your right. Turn left then right. Smash the cardboard boxes if they are still there then look down to find the brick. Don't enter the hidden room guns blazing. Talk with the NSF commander, grab the nano key then run down to the north end of the tunnel. Find the restrooms. Check the women's restroom then enter the men's room using your key ring. To reach the helibase you will have to pass several obstacles, all of which offer several solutions. Your first choice is either navigating a steam filled area or bypassing security beams. Grab a small metal crate and use it to jump over the security beams by placing it about a two feet (sorry, us yanks don't do the metric system, though I'm guessing its less than half a meter) back from the beams. Next you'll have to deal with a camera on your right and one NSF guard. Grab the nano key from the guard's body to open the door to the next room.

If you thought the swimming upgrade was useless, we'll here is an area you can put it to use. To your left is a vent cover. It can be opened to bypass the security beams and dive into the water and swim down the passage. If you don't have the skills, or like me, you don't feel fulfilled until something is blown up back up into the doorframe, take aim, and shoot the TNT crate sitting on the edge of the catwalk. Push the button on the left side of the catwalk to extend it but be quick in crossing or you'll have to swim. Enter hallway way past the door but be careful turning the corner. Be quick and you can disarm the EMP grenade for later use. Proceed to the next area guarded by two bots. The manhole you pass is the exit for those who swam. Next comes two security bots. There are so many ways of dealing with them I won't try to cover them all. Some suggestions are LAMs, GEP gun, Thermoptic Camo, or good timing using the cracks in the wall. In the room beyond them, on your left, search around before passing through the double steel doors. Look behind the large crate for a medkit. Move past the steel doors and open the double doors beyond. Before you move ahead look above for the camera. Time your move to avoid detection.

Secondary Objective:

  • Locate the three missing barrels of Ambrosia. UNATCO will send a team to recover them.

The helibase divides into three sections, a west, an east, and the main area beyond the Ambrosia canister where the helipad is located. Begin by heading left into the office area. Explore both offices for goodies, only one guard to deal with. Next sneak up to the second floor. One guard here and two locked doors. Go to the first floor, and proceed to the west side of the helibase. Turn left and enter the men's room. Take the guard down and search is body for the nano key then do likewise with the one upstairs in the recroom. Return to the second floor on the east side where you found the two locked doors. Open the second locked door using your key ring and sneak up to the stationary guard and do what feels right. On your right is a security terminal. I hope you have some hacking skills by now since they make life so much easier. Hack the terminal and use it to disable all cameras and to open the door associated with camera one. Look towards the southwest corner of the room for a button behind a plant. Push it to open a secret storage area. Enter and load up. Head back to the recroom where you will find a bookcase swung aside to reveal a secret room. If you couldn't hack the security terminal use the pinball machine to open the hidden area. How you handle the main part of the helibase is up to you. Of the two exits, the sewer system is the easiest but you will suffer if you don't have swimming skills. Taking the elevator to the east is difficult requiring you to get past several guards and a security turret if you couldn't hack the security terminal to shut it down.

My approach may seem pathetic but it works and its simple. Head back to the west side of the helibase and climb up to the second floor. Open the first locked door on your left using your key ring. Climb the ladder, open the hatch, and run to the northwest corner while dropping down. Open the manhole and dive in. Swim to the large pool area. Climb the ladder. Push the crate until it falls into the water then jump across to the open passage. For those who need to use the east elevator I'll point out that the west side of the helibase is guarded by a guy with a flamethrower on the ground floor, and patrolling a the catwalk near the roof is a sniper. Conveniently place around the helipad area are explosive barrels.

If didn't take the sewer route to the airfield keep reading until I can fill you in. Before swimming through the rest of the pipe, look inside one of the pipes to your right for a weaponmod: reload. When you emerge from the sewer pipe you'll be near some docks on your right patrolled by one guard carrying a flamethrower. Headquarters will issue some new orders.

Primary Objective:

  • Assassinate Juan Ivanovich Lebedev.

From the water take down the one NSF guard. The nice thing about swimming is that he won't know how to attack you. When he's disposed climb onto the docks and grab everything you can find. Pay particular attention to the ambrosia canister, and the nano key and datacube sitting atop a crate near it.

Secondary Objective:

  • Gain access to the 747 hangar and locate the final barrel.

Leave the boat house, nab the one guard that patrols in front of it, then turn left and pick open the trailers. If you used the elevator to reach the airfield you'll wind up near the helipad. Just head southwest to reach the boat house and everything I've described. Handling the guards that watch the route leading to the barracks is simple enough however one of the patrolling bots can be a problem. Eliminate the bot using some explosive barrels. Take the shot from inside the boat house facing southeast out one of the southeast windows. After the bot is destroyed head in the direction of the explosion staying clear of the cameras on your right. Proceed southeast and take out the two stationary guards followed by the one patrolling further east in front of the East Gate. Use the nano key nabbed from the guard to open the gate control box. Push the button to open the gate and move on. A total of four guards are in this area, two on the opposite side of the barracks and two more inside the barracks. Relieve them of their duties then enter the barracks and start looting the obvious stuff.

The not-so-obvious stuff includes the darts on the dart board, and a secret armory. The armory can be found by looking behind the staircase. Look down and to the right for a secret brick to open it. Grab what you want just be sure you have the nano key from this room before climbing up to the second floor. Use your key ring to open the second door on your left. The unlocked foot locker contains the code needed to access the hanger. Don't waste lockpicks on these lockers if you have a LAM. One LAM will shatter all footlockers, and you'll pleased to hear that one footlocker even has a replacement LAM. Clean up then use the code on the keypad to access the hanger.

Upon entering the hangar is where the plot starts to twist. Don't shoot anyone, just find Paul and talk with him. Under the 747 is a flight mechanic who like so many people in this universe has stuff to sell. If you head to the tail of the big bird you'll find two open trailers containing crates with goodies. Head back to the nose of the plane and climb aboard. Inside turn left and find the stairs. Go up and move to the northeast corner of the Communication Center. Get the nano key then go down and head to the aft of the plane using your key ring to open the locked doors along the way. Talk with Lebedev. Anna Navarre will appear and talk with you as well putting you in a position of conflicting interests. Your three options are two kill Lebedev, leave, or assume command by killing Anna.

Primary Objective:

  • Go to helicopter at the airfield.

Before you leave him look under his bed for a datacube and read it. Find the stairs again but go down into the Cargo Bay. Punch in the code you just got to deactivate the stasis field on the augmentation canister. Leave the 747 and return to the airfield through the barracks. Before hoping aboard the helicopter its time to do some clean up. All around the airfield you'll notice Security Towers, the concrete structures fronted by two cameras and two turrets. With UNATCO on the scene, the security grid as been disabled making these towers safe. At least one of the guards you clobbered in the process of getting here had a nano key to open all the towers. Its worth checking all of them out, they have many goodies. Another place to look over is a ladder on the side of some crates you passed on route to the barracks, due west of the East Gate in fact. Check the pic below for an explanation. Run over to the helipad and chat with Gunther. If you just have to have everything before you leave look at the southeast end of the helipad for the generators. The crates behind the fence and the dance electric contain items. Hop aboard the helicopter to return to UNATCO HQ.

Primary Objective:

  • See Manderley for a debriefing.

When you reach UNATCO HQ Manderley will be pleased or pissed depending on how you handled your orders. As always, talk with everyone, visit every department and office. Some of the not so apparent items include a weaponmod: recoil underneath JC's desk and a weaponmod: reload hidden in the lower left corner in the bathroom behind Manderley. Definitely check out the closet in Medical, it contains an augmentation canister.

Primary Objective:

  • Meet Jack at the helipad to be taken to a new assignment in Hong Kong.

As you hop aboard the helicopter yet another plot twist emerges, to be resolved back in Hell's Kitchen.

Paul is in big trouble. Move north to the ladder and go down. Climb through the open window to enter Paul's apartment. Find Paul and talk with him.

Primary Objective:

  • Investigate the captured NSF base to the west behind the bar to see if Paul is telling the truth about UNATCO. If he is, help the rebels by sending a distress signal from the satellite transmitter.

Check out his hidden stash again, same code as last time. Not much to get but the augmentation upgrade canister is definitely worth having. Leave Paul's apartment. The other apartment on this floor that you can enter contains a medkit. The elevator shaft near Paul's apartment holds a weaponmod: accuracy and a multitool. Go down to the first floor and listen to the conversation between the Rentons. When it ends talk with Gilbert Renton. If you give Gilbert your pistol you will not get it back. Any mods you put into it will be lost as well. However, if you do give up your pistol don't worry you'll get one back shortly. Alternately, drop everything but a knife and you can give him that without fuss. Hang around for Jojo to walk down from the 2nd floor. Listen to the conversation but if you want to ensure the right winner intercede before Jojo gets mad.

Leave the hotel. Outside the hotel turn left then left again and crawl through the hole in the fence. Chat with the bums then continue west past the fire escape to the manhole cover. This is optional but if you want some free stuff open it and climb in to revisit the MJ12 facility. Don't worry about fighting your way in, no one is left to offer any protests. From the manhole face north to find the rear entrance of the Underworld bar. Enter it and chat with the locals. Leave the bar using the main entrance. Outside turn right and head to the subway entrance. Head east from here to the basketball court and turn left down the alley. Both trailers contain some nice things. The first one holds a few items. The other leads to Smuggler. This trip is also optional but again there are some free items to be found. Don't worry about Smuggler's security beams, triggering them won't hurt. Go down the passage and talk with Smuggler who will sell you some nice items ranging from weaponmods to a napalm canister. Head upstairs.

The mirror is not smashable this time so you'll have to use explosives, missiles, or multitool the keypad behind his bed. (Or use code "432" on a hunch.) Leave Smuggler and return to the subway entrance. Head west past the barricades into the new area. As you emerge from the tunnel look to your right for clusters of cardboard boxes. Behind them are ammo crates. Move south and talk with the lone guard. On your back left is another collection of garbage hiding an ammo crate. Move past the guard and prepare to enter the NSF HQ.

Note: You might consider knocking out the UNATCO guards quietly. Start from the roof of the NSF HQ and work your way down. For a greater challenge, leave them be and continue playing as though everything is fine.

Keep moving to the northwest to find the side entrance, it will be on your right. Enter Level 1 and grab whatever goods you can find. Near the garage area some rockets lay atop a wooden table. Climb the stairs to Level 2. Enter the unlocked room first to listen to the conversation between the two guards. Back out then pick or blow up the locked door open. Move in and head to the back. Read the datacube. Go up to level three. Enter the only room here and move to the northeast corner and push the ventilation switch. Enter the computer room through the steel door in the opposite corner. Keep turning right until you reach the security terminal. Use the login obtained on level two. Open the door on camera one then head back down to Level 1 and enter the basement through the opened door in the garage area.

In the first room turn left and open the door. The room beyond has a storage closet on your left and a security terminal on your right. Login to the terminal using the same ID as the last one. Turn off all cameras and open all doors. Head west down the passage to the next room. Open the door to the north then grab one of the TNT crates in the upper left corner and use it to knock out the security beams in the next room. Grab the other crate to knock out the next set such that you have a clear path to the next door. Beyond the next door is the toxic gas room. Run through and take the door on your left. At the end of the passage is a locked display case, read the datacube atop it.

Primary Objective:

  • Send the NSF distress signal from the satellite transmitter on the roof of the NSF HQ.

Return to the toxic gas room for a TNT crate. Use it to open the cabinet and several other doors in the room. Clean out the display case and the other one in the next room. Return to the toxic gas room and use one of the TNT crates to blast open the locked door near the "leak proof" barrels. Be careful detonating this one, any TNT crates in the room or in the path of the explosion will detonate. When the gas dissipates enter the previously locked room.

Return to the room that contained the display case and move into the next one then up the stairs to get back outside. Go back into the NSF HQ and climb the stairs all the way to the top. Enter the rooftop satellite shack, close the door behind you. Login to the computer using the ID obtained from the datacube in the basement and rotate all three dishes. Wait for the dishes to finish rotating. Open the Communications Room door. In the CommsRoom login to the computer and send the distress signal. If you plan on trying to stay with UNATCO by not sending the signal, sorry. Though Paul will be upset the game will not continue properly until you do.

Primary Objective:

  • Meet with Paul and help him leave New York.

Leaving NSF HQ is a bit complicated since all your friends now have orders to shoot to kill. There are many ways of leaving the building some of them include: brute force, cunning stealth, or the chicken route which is to grab one of the small metal crates on the roof and use it as a stepping block in falling off the side. If you survive the fall this is by far the easiest way out. Surving the fall is easier if you take time to stack crates under the place you expect to land. Or, with the Speed augmentation falling damage is reduced. Return to Paul's place and talk with him.

Things are getting nasty. Should you die at any time don't worry you'll just be carried over to the next mission. However, if you want to scrape up some more skill points and credits keep reading. Leave Paul and climb out his bedroom window. Go down the fire escape past the bums and through the crack in the fence. The street is patrolled by UNATCO now and two heavy security bots patrol near the subway entrance. What to do? If you've been collecting thermoptic camo here is where it makes a difference even if you are unskilled in its use. Activate it then run towards to the subway. You may alert the guards but they won't shoot. An alternate approach is to go up to the roof of the 'Ton Hotel and snipe everyone from above. Another approach would be to drop off the fire escape and then open the manhole to the MJ12 facility. Exit out the other manhole and you will be in front of the subway station. Use the code Paul gave you to enter the subway station. Enter the subway.

It's possible to save Paul if you are prepared for a major fire fight. However, if you don't feel like fighting, just let yourself get "killed" in the apartment and Paul is still alive when you awaken. If you fight the guards, or just hide in the closet while Paul does it for you, exit out the front of the hotel. Using Paul's bedroom window will cause him to be dead.

Awaiting you in the Battery Park station is Agent Navarre. She will be pleased to see you and will attempt to demonstrate her marksmanship. Either kill her or sneak past and climb the stairs to leave the station. Before you reach the top max out your bioelectric energy and heal up because your inventory is going to disappear shortly. When you reach the top say "hi" to Gunther. I would strongly suggest you surrender at this point. Even if you somehow managed to stay alive, Gunther is indestructible and the game won't recognize your efforts if you manage to get past the barricade.


Just Great. Trapped in a cell, all your goodies confiscated. Not even a candy bar to snack on. No matter, chat with Anna if she lives then walk to the exit and you'll receive a message from a new friend.

Primary Objective:

  • Escape from the Majestic 12 facility.

Wait for it then duck under the cell door as it opens and turn right. Let the guard get up and move away from his desk before grabbing the baton from atop the crate. Use it to smash the crate containing the riot prod. Funny how a detention center has all these weapons laying around. Read the datacube on the desk and use the code to open all the detention cells. Hide in one when the guard returns and file a complaint. Check all cabinets, bodies, and detention cells. One of the captured NSF will offer to join you. The filing cabinet has some goods, the locked one contains a multitool though it didn't seem worth the trouble getting it. Leave the detention area, hiding underneath the camera to track its position before moving to the exit. At the exit I like to shut the door using the code acquired so I don't have to worry about the camera going off when I walk past.

Primary Objective:

  • Get the datavault from your brother's body. Tracer Tong will need it to defeat the killswitch.

Secondary Objective:

  • Find the equipment taken from you when you were captured by UNATCO.

Whether Paul lives or not, you have to meet him. From the Detention entrance head north and around the curve to the Command Center. Carefully walk out then turn around and take the passage on your left leading to the Nanotech Lab. Talk with the doctor in the hallway then go past the Nanotech Lab and around the corner. Walk slowly until you hear the conversation start. When officer stud leaves the office he'll begin a patrol route. Take him down when he turns his back, then give the secretary the night off. Head north and quietly climb the steps and knock out the next guard. Go back down the steps, head south, and climb the stairs there. Read the datacube on the table. There are several ways of entering MedLab, as always brute force is an option, lockpick the grate on the north wall to sneak in, or push the button unleashing the karkians in the secured area.

As long as there is a body to snack on the beasts will completely ignore you. Better run in before they finish eating otherwise you won't be able to search the bodies for weapons. In MedLab read all the datacubes and either talk to Paul or get close to his body. Leave MedLeb. Don't worry too much if the wee beasties are romping, for whatever reason they will not enter MedLab nor climb the stairs after you. Return to the Nanotech Lab and enter the second entrance on your left. Quietly reach the steps and climb up them a bit. Wait for the guard topside to walk past and pause to stare out the window before taking him out. Return to the ground floor and work on the other guard or stay topside and deal with him there. A MiB will probably come running from the office area. One tranquilizer dart is enough. While you wait for it to work hide by opening one of the many grates along the floor until he calms down.

Search the MiB and grab his nano key then head back to the office area. Search everything, use your key ring to open two of the locked cabinets in the filing cabinet. The third MUST be picked to read the datacube. I say must because the login/password it contains will be used for the rest of the walkthrough. Lets try it out on the nearby computer to disable the stasis field on the augmentation canister and to read email. One message in particular gives us the code to the armory, our next destination. Optionally, look to the northeast for a vent cover, open it and go exploring but beware the greasel.

Leave the Nanotech Lab, turn left, and proceed to the Command Center. Three guards patrol around the outside and one patrols inside. In addition, there are two dogs that handle the areas on the side opposite of where you are. You should have sufficient fire power to handle them all. Enter the Command Center and collect the goods. Optionally, use the PSherman login you got back in the Nanotech Lab to disable all cameras at the security terminal. Proceed to the Detention Area.

Run past Detention to the Robot Maintenance area. As you pass the hissing pipe look behind it for a lockpick and crowbar. When you enter the maintenance bay sneak left and up the stairs. Climb two-thirds of the way up to the second landing and wait. When the sniper walks past heading left to right crouch to avoid notice then go after him and haul his body back to your hiding area. Creep up a bit and look at the hallway on the west side. Wait for the guard to appear. As part of his patrol he will reach the edge of the hall, pause, then turn around to head back. When he turns run across and nail him quiet. Continue down the hall and up the stairs to remove the two guards in the office areas. Again, when you pass the hissing pipe look behind it for a lockpick.

Search the third floor office areas for goodiesr. You'll also find a security terminal that with the PSherman login will allow you to reprogram one of the security bots to fight for you. Return to the ground floor and handle the last guard or alternately let the security bot do it for you. Check atop and around all the crates in the main room for items. Also to be found somewhere on the ground floor is a mechanic who is willing to sell you some stuff for credits. Don't bother with the login he offers, we don't need it.

On the ground floor, head south to the Armory. Military bots are big, scary, and in this case stupid. They cannot hear you, and will only fire if they see you. As a bot passes simply run behind it unnoticed until you reach an Armory door. An alternate route starts by entering the Armory area and then turning west and following a bot. As you turn south look in the darkness on your right for a ladder. Climb it and you'll find a panel that can be picked. Inside is a valve that shuts of the poisonous gas emitted from the pipe nearby. Crawl across the pipe to the catwalk, turn right, and follow it to the vent which will bring you in to the second floor of the Armory and a better position for handling the one guard inside. When you get inside the Armory head upstairs and login to the security terminal. Use it to turn off the camera and both military bots. Clear out everything you want. If you have problems picking up an item its because some items represent a multiple quantity. What appears to be one lockpick could be twenty. To workaround this, simply drop whatever item you have problems with until you can pick up what you want. Climb atop the small metal crate to grab items from the tops of the shelves. If you want the plasma rifle on the second floor you'll have to hack the computer terminal on the first floor to get the code or just bypass the stasis field with a multitool. Leave the Armory and proceed to the Command Center. Use the code to open the exit on the west side. Subdue the guard and escape.

When you reach the next room you'll notice a change in the uniforms worn by the guards. Open the door and realize that you have just left the area in Level 4 of UNATCO HQ. Talk with everyone as you would in previous visits to HQ. Check the floorboards in Computer Ops. When you talk with Manderley watch your back when you leave the office. Alternately, kill him outright before talking and you'll be treated to a different piece of conversation than if you let him live. Neat. If you haven't killed Agent Navarre yet get into Maderley's and Gunther's computers. Both contain parts of the kill phrase you can use to kill Navarre. If Paul lived he supplied a login though if you read enough datacubes back on mission #1 you would have the two logins needed. Get to level 1. Just run past the last guard by the retina scanner. He won't reach you before you enter the next area. One more guard then its topside. Check the SATCOM bunker for a few things then hop aboard the helicopter for Hong Kong.


Primary Objectives:

  • Deactivate the weapon-lock on Jock's helicopter. The remote control-panel is on Flight Deck One.

This is the tip of the iceberg. Honk Kong is the single largest mission of the game, spanning 10 maps. Its bigger than the Battery Park/Hell's Kitchen mission. Thankfully, you'll have the chance to explore much of the maps without having to fight your way every second. From your start position look down for a grate. Open it and crawl in. Keep following the passage until you find an opening on your left. Crawl through into the munitions area. Read the datacube atop the table for the purge valve code. Reenter the passage, turn left, then take the first right. Find the key pad for the purge valve and enter the code. Run out of there and get topside where you started. Find the hallway that connects to the middle of the east wall. Climb the stairs to the flight deck, turn left and open the door. On your left is a locked panel, get it open and grab the nano key from inside. Read the datacube as well and use the code to login to the security terminal. . Underneath the security panel is a vent. Crawl in and down to find a hazmat suit. Climb halfway up and find the security bot. Disable it. Permanently. Return to the flight deck, and take the stairs all the way to the bottom. One guard may have survived the gas attack, give him his bonus pay then search the bodies. Climb the steps to the row of beds and use your key ring to open all the lockers. Check the lockers in the showers as well. Run back up the stairs to the flight deck, turn right, and unlock the door. Inside on your left is the control panel to disable the weapons lock on Jock's helicopter. On you right is a locked panel containing two bioelectric cells. The vent underneath leads to various areas including a second security bot. Disable it. Disable the weapons lock and return to the helipad. You might consider climbing the ladder to the rooftop for a few extra goodies. To leave head to the remains of the doors "opened" by Jock. Get past the electricity and enter the elevator. Go down.

Primary Objectives:

  • Look for clues to finding Tracer Tong at the compound that Paul used to visit, to the east of the Wan Chai market.
  • Find Tracer Tong somewhere in Hong Kong.

Just head north until you hit a wall. On your left is an ATM. Head east to the newsstand. Listen to the conversation between the kid and the newslady then take time to read what's available. The datacube will supply you with a map of sorts. Run east but turn south after you pass the newsstand. Walk past the lady selling flowers. When you reach the police station head east and a little north to find the entrance to the Luminous Path compound. Talk with Gordon Quick, he's the guy guarding the entrance and perhaps talking with the kid you saw earlier.

Primary Objectives:

  • Find and examine the Dragon's Tooth sword as proof regarding whether or not Maggie Chow is telling the truth.

Return to the newsstand. Follow the kid around if you want to hear the rest of the conversations. At the newsstand turn left and head west. If you want to hear another conversational bit enter the tea and coffee house on your left just before reaching the ATM. Climb up the steps and listen in. Follow the Red Arrow member down the steps to pick up one more piece of conversation. From here head northast and follow the Lucky Money Club signs but do not go downstairs. Turn left and head west into the waterways.

When the loading screen disappears move forward then turn right. Turn right again and run east to the end. Turn left and go down. Go outside and onto the ship. In the hold is a crate containing a medkit. The ship's captain will sell you weapon mods. Before you leave head to the back of the ship and smash the cardboard crate. Use the paper lantern to open a secret area containing a maintenance bot, and a locked crate containing chits. Don't forget to smash the small cardboard boxes inside the locked chest, they contain chits as well. Jump into the water and swim west to the next ship. A ladder hangs of the left and right side of the ship, use your light to find it. A hatch can be opened to climb inside. Toxic gas may not be enough to keep you from exploring and finding rockets, a plasma clip, and a napalm canister. Jump back into the water and swim in a southeast direction. Climb up the first dock to enter the fisherman's house. Climb up the steps and talk with the fisherman. Before you leave take a look at the beam the cooking meat is hanging from. Just near edge of the beam is a 50 credit chit. Exit out the southwest corner by climbing the ladder. Hey, we're right back where we started.

Head south. When you reach some steps turn left but resume heading south as soon as you can. Just as you reach the Old China Hand bar sign turn right and follow the path down into the water. Jump in and swim north, turn left into the passage. A ways in you'll see a connecting passage under the waterline on your left. Swim into it and down to find two crates containing rebreathers. Swim back to where you jumped into the water and trace your steps back to the entrance of the Old China Hand bar. Enter the bar, you'll probably end up chatting with someone who mistakes you for Paul. Talk to him enough and he will sell you a map to VersaLife for 2000 credits. Don't bother. Talk with the bartender. Head to the southeast corner to go back into the kitchen. Keep going back and around to reach the freezer. Jump atop the crates until you are on the meat rack. Look north to find the vents. Open the middle one and crawl in. Turn left and keep following the passage until you reach water. Before you dive in consider getting some swimming skills, or just be sure you have a rebreather handy. Dive in and swim west until you reach an open area. This is the flooded area of Canal Road. To the right, deep in the rubble is some 30.06 ammo and a weaponmod: laser. To your left are creatures but atop a support beam is a scientist carrying a bioelectric cell and an augmentation upgrade canister. A book nearby provides some interesting reading. From atop the support beam you can destroy the beasts safely. Return to the Old China Hand bar when you're done.

Exit the bar heading west, when you reach the rail turn right to go north. Climb the steps, but at the last landing turn left and go up. At the top turn right and cross the wooden bridge. Though I don't usually advocate violence against the innocent the local man on the other side of the bridge is carrying two lockpicks so I'm sure he was planning something illegal anyway. Turn right. When you reach the two guards take a left onto Tonnochi Road. Go west. Chat with the Luminous Path guy and then resume heading west to the entrance of the Queen's Towers. Enter and head to the back and take the elevator up to see Miss Maggie Chow. Talk with the maid then let her escort you to Maggie. Talk with Maggie. At this point you can just kill her outright and look around or pretend for now that she is telling the truth.

Leave the Queen's Tower and trace your steps back to the market district. When you get there go all the way back to where you left the helipad. Turn around and on your immediate right is a door obscured by darkness. Pick it open but do so from the right side of the door or the police will become alerted. Enter the room and smash all the boxes. At the back of the room on the right is a secret panel. Open it then tap in the code "12" to open the next panel to reach a nice stash of goodies. Included here is also a datacube with the code for entering the police station. Leave the room and turn left to the police station. The police are not going to like you barging in, so be quick in handling them. Do one at a time then let the music settle down so you know things are normal before handling the next. Go north to the next room then open the vault in the southwest corner. Climb down. Read the datacubes and return to Tonnochi road.

As you approach the Queen's Tower consider several approaches. Another option lies in using the public access terminal inside to get the elevator code for going to the seventh floor under renovation. Or, once there read the datacube then walk past the Queen's Tower entrance and turn left. At the back is a gate leading to the elevator shafts. Opposite the Queen's Tower entrance is a lift that leads to stairs going to the roof of the building. (As you go up the lift you might notice a skull and button. I don't know what its about. The skull is normal and the button opens a panel to drop back down to the street.) Halfway up the steps is a door leading to Jock's apartment. Blowing the door apart is one way of entering, you could also wait for key to be obtained later. Atop the roof look around for goodies and if you jump eastward you may find a way to land on the billboard where more items of interest lay though getting down is tricky. The speed aug helps you to run off the west end onto a raised area. From there, fall onto the small roof and back to the ground.

The "preferred" route is to enter the Queen's Tower and head to the right side of the room as you head back. Enter the breakroom on your left and grab the 50 credit chit from the table. Take the elevator up to Maggie's apartment. Don't even wait for the maid to talk to you, take her down and do it quiet or you will get a lot of unexpected guests. Explore Maggie's apartment. If you look out the window where you met Maggie, you can see the balcony of a nearby apartment. This is Jock's place and jumping across is another way of entering it. Climb upstairs and visit all the rooms. Read the books and especially the datacubes. When you reach the meeting room head to the back and login to the security terminal. How you ask? If you read all the datacubes there was actually enough info to hint at what Miss MChow's login is. If you can't figure it out highlight the space between these quotes. "LoginID: MChow | Password: Insurgent"

Return to the elevator then turn left and head to the corner. This should put you in the southeast corner of the apartment under a paper lantern. Use the lantern to open the secret door. Head south past the security beams. On your right is a guard breakroom. Use a gas grenade to immobilize them. When they're down don't forget to open the small case in the room, it has some nice things inside.

Primary Objective:

  • Retrieve the Dragon's Tooth Sword and await further instructions from Tracer Tong.

Return to the big room, check the video hologram device in the corner for messages. Then login to the computer terminal using Maggie's login. Open the weapon case and take the sword.

Primary Objective:

  • Demonstrate Maggie Chow's guilt to the Red Arrow by showing Max Chen the Dragon's Tooth Sword. Find Max Chen in the Lucky Money Club in the mall near the Wan Chai Market.

Return to the Wan Chai Market area. Head to the Lucky Money. Go down the steps past the VersaLife entrance. Just keep following the path, note the Quick Stop as you pass it on your left. Approach the booth girl and talk. Pay to get in. The two girls waiting outside would appreciate it if you paid for their entrance as well. There is no purpose in doing this except to hear Denton get a little mushy. Enter the club and talk with everyone you can find on the first floor, especially the ex-QuickStop employee. Head up to the second floor and listen in on the conversation between the VersaLife employees. Check the third floor just for fun. Move to the west end of the second floor and talk with the bartender and the assorted barflies. Check behind the bartender for a 25 credit chit. Go behind the bar and down the stairs. Towards the southwest corner is a freezer with some interesting items. Push through the door in the southeast corner. Talk with the locals and continue north until you talk with Max Chen. When the conversations ends MJ12 Commandos will attempt to crash the party. Stay clear of the action and strike when they are not looking. You may have to do some cleanup both on the second floor and outside the entrance of the club. Search all the MJ12 Commando bodies, they all carry bioelectric cells at the very least.

Primary Objective:

  • Tell Gordon Quick how the Red Arrow responded to the news about Maggie Chow. He should be near the Luminous Path compound next to the Wan Chai market.

Back in the meeting room hack the security terminal if you can and open the door associated with camera two. Move up to the second floor and go to the southeast corner. Go down the passage until you reach the booth girl. Quietly knock out her bodyguard then show her a good time. Search the bodies for rockets and a load of chits. If you managed to open the camera #2 door earlier, it belongs to the safe containing two 100 credit chits. Leave the Lucky Money Club. As you pass the Quick Stop on your right pause to look around. Make sure the patrolling guard is not present or at least has his back to you. Pick open the gate and swing it up. Access the security terminal on your right from outside to avoid setting off the cameras inside. Enter and grab the goods. Head behind the counter and use the same login on the computer to open the safe. Leave and return to the market area.

Keep running southeast until you find the Luminous Path compound. Talk with Gordon Quick then enter the compound. Turn left then left again into the little shrine. If you have no problems with religious taboos, grab the 25 credit chit from the shrine then head north into the building. Turn right and go downstairs. Exit out the east door. When you reach the sparring area, head to the northwest corner. The next to last bunkbed has a medkit underneath it. The north wall of the sparring area has murals. In front of each is a table containing various weapons. Use the keypad next to the left mural to open it, same code as the compound entrance. When you reach the storage room, turn left and push the button. Talk with Tracer Tong.

Primary Objective:

  • Go to the center of the Operating Theater so that Tracer Tong can deactivate the killswitch and restore augmentation functionality.

Do as he says and head west. Turn left and go all the way down into the operating theater. Step on the pad in the middle and wait. When its over return to the control room and talk with Tong. Use the login provided to access the computer terminal. Take time to explore everywhere, there are many things worth taking including a nano key to Jock's apartment across from Queen's Towers on Tonnochi Road. Leave the Luminous Path Compound. Something to consider as you exit the compound is visiting Canal Road to the east. Enter it and head to the north where the accident occured. Jump across the barricades, its not easy, and search the dead for items. Head back to the Lucky Money Club. Halfway down the stairs you'll find the entrance to VersaLife. Punch in the code and take the elevator up

Primary Objectives:

  • Get the ROM-encoding for the Dragon's Tooth sword from the basement laboratories at VersaLife.

Look around. Chat with the locals. Your goal is to climb to the top floor and access the secured elevator. You'll need a code to open it. How many ways are there? Hmmm...lets see:

  • Hack any computer terminal
  • Enter the security station on the first floor. Its to your right as you climb your first set of steps. Security will take this personally but some items inside make up for it along with a datacube containing a login for any terminals in the work areas.
  • Go to the top floor and find the disgruntled employee. Kill Hundly for him and he'll tell you the code.
  • Talk with Hundly and bribe him for the code.

As for security, you may have guessed they will be upset when you come back here so you may want to handle them now. For stealth players its possible to sneak past using the cloak aug, more on this later. Punch in the code and take the elevator down. Inside the MJ12 Research Facility, chat with the supervisor then head east to the hand. Turn left at the wall and follow the passage to the elevator. Take it up, walk past the MiB to the office. Grab the nano key and hack security if you can.

Return to the hand room heading south past the hand and up the other stairs. Four rooms branch off in this area. To your left is a security guard room, to your right is a kitchen, meeting room, and restroom. Your could commit an all out assault then go back and open the cases to read the datacubes. The datacubes contain the passwords needed to complete the mission. If it does come to a fire fight, use a gas grenade where the rooms intersect, its likely to stop the guards before they hurt you. Any attempt to lockpick the cases will send the scientists screaming and is no different than shooting someone. However, if you have hacking skills no combat is required here. Enter the restroom and head to the last stall. On your left is a vent. Open it an crawl in. After climbing a bit you'll reach a very long passage. Crawl west to the end but mind the greasel. At the west end turn right and keep crawling until you can stand up. Find the ladders and take them to the bottom. Enter the small shaft heading south and crawl out. On your right is a computer terminal. Hacking it allows you access to the bioelectric cell, augmentation upgrade, and augmentation canisters inside the chamber. A nearby medbot can be used to install the augmentations. Leave the area heading east then drift a bit south to the Experimental Subject Cells. Look around.

Leave and head northwest past the crispy corpse. At the corner turn right and enter the area with the animal carcass. Up for grabs is a hazmat suit and a lockpick. Spin around and run west up the stairs. Look right to find Maggie Chow if you didn't kill her earlier. Approach the window to hear the conversation, then exit out the doors in the middle of the west wall. As you follow the passage the halfway point is marked by guard barracks. No real need to take them on unless you're thirsty for blood. Lockpicking the lockers up the stairs on your left is considered an act of violence so you're better off killing everyone before looting the place. Continue on to the datavault. Before you do anything in the datavault, subdue the guard topside carrying the GEP gun, then come back down and handle the shotgun guard as well as the lady with the blue sword. Handle them in the datavault room quietly and the guards down the hall shouldn't notice. In the middle is a lift. Take it up, then send it back down. Hack the computer, or use the loginID of MChow with the master password. Download the ROM-encoding.

Primary Objective:

  • Go to the temple in Wan Chai to cement the alliance between the Triads.

When you drop down the lift shaft alarms will sound. Run forward and turn left to climb the ramp. Go to the top and exit east. Push the button to open the hatch above the stairs. Climb the stairs back to the hand room. Run to the elevator and leave. Upon reaching VersaLife any guards still around will have an instant dislike for you. If you didn't do anything about the guards the cloak aug is a nice way to get past them. There is also a vent in the back of each computer work room though dropping down from the top floor is painful. Better to go down a floor to minimize the damage. Get to the elevator on the bottom floor and take it down. Get off the elevator and run southeast. The temple is just south of the Luminous Path compound. Talk with the Triad leaders.

Primary Objective:

  • Report to Tracer Tong inside the Luminous Path compound to deliver the good news of the truce.

Secondary Objective:

  • Meet the dragon heads at the Lucky Money for drinks.

Meeting the dragon heads for drinks is very optional, no points are to be gained by doing it, however its fun and gives a feeling of completeness for having gotten this far. Enter the compound and find Tong. Talk with him.

Primary Objectives:

  • Gain access to the Level 2 labs at VersaLife and locate information on the structure of the plague virus.

Nope, this mission is still not over. From the compound entrance head east and walk down into the entrance for Canal Road. Run north. When you reach the accident look for a door on your left. Use the code obtained to open it and enter. Of the many strange places to find things this one takes the taco. Look above and you will find a flamethrower resting atop a pipe. Open the hatch to the sewer pipe and dive in. Surface and climb atop the lowest pipe. Run around moving up onto the next highest pipe in a clockwise fashion until you can enter the big pipe. As you leave the sewer look down and to the right for a datacube. Go down the passage and crawl through the opening on your right.

Primary Objective:

  • Destroy the Universal Constructor used for manufacturing plague virus.

When the message from Daedalus appears you should be near a corner bathed in blue light. Look at the corner using your light to find the keypad. Punch in the code found on the datacube and proceed west down the passage. At the end hit the button to lower the ramp. Press it again and run off the end of the ramp before it raises to the top. Turn around. The steps on your left and right lead up to a security terminal. Head back down the steps and walk up to the blue security beams. At the other end is a scientist guarded by one patrolling MJ12 commando. The security bots are not a problem if you can handle the commando and scientist without setting off any alarms. Either disable the beams using the electrical panel behind you on the your right, use a thermoptic camo, or even an EMP grenade if you have one. Alternately, head back upstairs to the southeast corner. Open the grate and crawl until you reach the opening over one of the spots the MJ12 commando covers.

Secure the area. The computer terminal overlooking the Universal Constructor (UC) contains the virus schematics. Either hack it or use the MChow login with master password, just like the last VersaLife mission. Get the schematics and open access to the UC. To your right is a room with nice things. If you hack the security terminal use it to unlock access to all the goodies in the UC room. A button in the room can be pressed for robot maintenance which will disable the security bots if they have taken a dislike to you. This will only work once so don't go pissing them off twice. Use one of the passages branching left or right of the computer terminal to reach a ladder. Climb down into the UC room. Head to the middle and collect the goods. If you lacked hacking skills you can wait until the UC is destroyed then collect the augs in a few minutes. Head down the ladder at the north end of the chamber at the bottom is a medbot to help you install any augs you want. If you didn't kill Maggie Chow earlier you'll be pretty much obliged to do so now. Run over to the east end punch in the code for the UC cascading shutdown sequence which is scientist talk for BOOM. Hop down through one of the holes covered by electrical beams. Stay out of the water and run west to the barrel. Nearby, is a pipe. Climb up and dive in. If the electrical beams over the UC are too much run to the middle to find an electrical bypass panel.

Primary Objective:

  • Report to Tracer Tong for information on Stanton Dowd and the Illuminati.

Follow the pipe to an open area. Look under the floater for tranquilizer darts and regular darts. Continue swimming pausing to grab breaths of air. Let the rushing water carry you up. Climb out of the water. Upon falling out of the pipe into the canals turn right and enter the fisherman's house. Talk with him then return to the Luminous Path compound and talk with Tong. If you told Jaime Reyes to meet you in Hong Kong look around for him, he'll give you an augmentation upgrade canister. If Paul lives you'll meet him as well. Say "hi".

Primary Objective:

  • Board Jock's helicopter in the Luminous Path compound.

Leave Tong and return topside. Ride the copter.

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