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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

An Expert Looks at DX3
10:47:04 PM EST - Dan
The venerable Kieron Gillen who, unlike myself, is an actual professional gaming journalist, has done what I have done but, also unlike myself, was a bit more serious about it, and did more research on the team than just look at the photos in the flash animation on the website.

That said, the interesting article is still not terribly enlightening, as it mainly conjectures about what a DX3 game could be like as made by a bunch of guys and gals who have done many games nothing like Deus Ex. I think we were already on that page, but at least we now know the page number and how many pages there are.

Coincidentally, he also answers a question I raised about the company size - they do plan on growing to be much, much larger than 80 people; four times that size in fact, but in fact plan on always keeping the team sizes down to 80.

What I have not read is Kieron's article about Harvey Smith, the man some blame for DX2's faults who just released a new game, Blacksite Area 51. I have not read this article, but note that it does contain a screenshot of System Shock 1, which instantly makes it awesome.

Thanks DX-455 for letting us know about the DX3 article.

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